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A flared sanserif with early-Renaissance inscriptional echoes, Franco Stone stands out for its lightness and strength, clarity and sophistication. Influenced by letter carving and inspired by the ‘Florentine letter’, incisive, thin and stylistically refined, it’s ideal for select applications that require a first-class touch. Wherever a display text must be assertive and the layout clear and elegant, you can trust Franco Stone. The proportions of its capitals vary greatly, letters such as B and E are very narrow while others like O and Q are perfect circles: the result is a typographic texture with a classical flavour and a strong, irregular rhythm. Franco Stone does not fully conform to sans serif principles with its flared serifs. Stems thicken towards terminals and the curves of S, C, and G swell into terminals that approximate serifs. So, we could consider it as a flared sans. The inscriptional essence of this elegant typeface did not stop its designer, Lucas Franco, from completing its character set with lowercase letters. Those letters, as we see in the f with its descending stroke and q with an uppercase-style tail, reference Renaissance calligraphic practice. Finally, Franco Stone includes a wide range of ligatures and nested ligatures inspired by Romanesque inscriptions that make it possible to recreate a beautiful style of lettering. All in all, Franco Stone reminds us of an unmistakable style of letter seen in some early Renaissance inscriptions in Florence.
Foundry CAST
Designers Claudio & Lucas Rocha & Franco
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