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Gimbo is bold. This heavy sans-serif design features thin counters. The interior spaces inside letterforms have been reduced as much as possible. Often, they seem abstract. There are three fonts in the Gimbo family: Black, Ultra, and Ultra Shadow. What do those terms mean? Well, Ultra is wider than Black. It takes up more pixels on-screen or brings more ink to the page. You can use the Ultra and Black fonts alone or separately. Ultra Shadow is not a standalone product. Instead, place it behind Ultra in a layout app. Then, assign different colors to your text set in the Ultra and Ultra Shadow layers. All of a sudden, you’ll have 3D chromatic type! The effect is fantastic. Gimbo is a playful display typeface. Texts set in it look solid and powerful – but also fun. These fonts are designed for large-sized text. They are perfect choices for the display type in video games, cartoons, and even children’s books. Technically speaking, they have some features rolled up their sleeves that will make your text look even more striking. Gimbo includes more than three dozen discretionary ligatures. These combine (mostly) capital letters in a futuristic-looking way. There is also a stylistic set for alternate forms of the “G”, “K”, “Y”, and “x”. In applications, users can choose between lining and oldstyle figures.
Foundry Halbfett
Designers Deni Anggara
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