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Gineto is a clean and airy contemporary grotesque, tailored for small sizes. The design concept developed from the brevier size of Gothic no. 4, a nineteen century design by the New York type foundry Farmer, Little & Co.. This brevier features slightly narrow shapes with generous letter-spacing and long ascenders and descenders. Although expected in a cut for small sizes, these features are charmingly striking in Gothic no. 4, specially with the elongate dot of the i, that aligns at ascender height. Gineto’s design echoes the spacious and ventilated construction of Gothic no.4, letting the white come through abundantly, and avoiding closed letter-forms, that in grotesques often generate confusion, like the 6 or 3. We also gave each letter the most unambiguous shape, and the most spread out configuration.
Foundry R-Typography
Designers Rui Abreu
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