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The Ginto system consists of the two sister-families Ginto Normal and Ginto Nord. Ginto is a geometric-humanist typeface – fundamental to itʼs identity is the tension between circles and rectangles. The design developed from a period of research, surveying of a variety of sans-serif typefaces from across the 20th century and studying a shift from the Modernist ‘pure’ geometry into the slightly more baroque and exuberant style of typefaces cut during the photo setting period. Ginto Nord takes the tone and tenor of Ginto Normal and turns the volume up to 11 – echoing the masterful works of Roger Excoffon, Ed Benguiat and Joseph Churchward. Nord is a graphic remix of Normalʼs structure, featuring a large x-height and more generous character width. It goes beyond Normal’s functional weights and adds two more to the spectrum: stretching from fine Hairlines to monolithic Ultra Bold forms. Early applications include Rewire Contemporary Music Festival (2017), Digital Turn (2018), Bündnis Internationaler Produktionshäuser (2018), Konfuzius-Institute Leipzig (2018), Carne Bollente (2018), Rom Magazine (2018) and Swiss Poster Festival Weltformat (2018).
Foundry Dinamo
Designers Seb McLauchlan
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