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The Ginto system consists of the two sister-families Ginto Normal and Ginto Nord. Ginto is a geometric-humanist typeface – fundamental to itʼs identity is the tension between circles and rectangles. The design developed from a period of research, surveying of a variety of sans-serif typefaces from across the 20th century and studying a shift from the Modernist ‘pure’ geometry into the slightly more baroque and exuberant style of typefaces cut during the photo setting period. Ginto Normal features compact shapes and a rational set of weights, ranging from Thin to Black. These allow Ginto Normal to perform well across many sizes and environments, and aesthetically result in a more technical, poised character. Particularly distinctive letters, like the ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘M’ and ampersand can be easily swapped for an alternative form via Opentype features, for those seeking a more behaved personality. Early applications include Rewire Contemporary Music Festival (2017), Digital Turn (2018), Bündnis Internationaler Produktionshäuser (2018), Konfuzius-Institute Leipzig (2018), Carne Bollente (2018), Rom Magazine (2018) and Swiss Poster Festival Weltformat (2018).
Foundry Dinamo
Designers Seb McLauchlan
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