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The Goldich series – in science – is a method of predicting the weathering rate of minerals on the Earth’s surface. In 1938, Samuel Goldich found that the minerals that are first to crystallize are also the first to undergo weathering. The Goldich series – in type – is a typeface family with letterforms that have crystallised into sharply cut shapes. Over a period of several years, Jasper de Waard created this series of five weights plus italics. Thin parts of characters weather away to different degrees and form stencil letters that want to shine in large sizes. The angular display quality of Goldich is especially apparent in all-caps settings. Smaller mixed case paragraphs – and especially the italics – add an elegant sparkle to all texts. However, the distinct and decorative qualities of Goldich do not mean that it isn’t a feature-rich family. Covering over 100 languages, the fonts come complete with OpenType features for refined typography such as alternate forms for a, g, &, case-sensitive punctuation, and a large variety of numerals, fractions and ligatures. Use it in your next identity or advertising project, or for signage and stencilling fun.
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Designers Jasper de Waard
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