Grafical 16 styles
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Grafical is a contemporary take on 19th-century sans serifs. In this family, the amount of geometry inherent within the letterforms has been amped up. Many shapes have received further streamlining, too. All the geometric forms you see have been optically corrected, ensuring their delivery of better legibility. Grafical ships in two different formats: depending on your preference, you can install the typeface as two Variable Fonts or use the family’s 16 static OpenType font files instead. The static fonts offer eight weights, running from Extralight through Black. Each weight has an upright and an italic font available. While the static-format fonts offer a good intermediary-step selection, users who install the Variable Fonts have vastly greater control over their text’s stroke width. The Grafical Variable and Grafical Variable Italic font’s weight axes allow users to differentiate between almost 1,000 possible font weights. That enables you to fine-tune your text’s exact appearance on-screen or in print. Grafical is the perfect tool for a range of design uses, including text on the web, text in print, and text in motion graphics. Its fonts are typographic workhorses – not just from their legibility perspective but also because of the amount of OpenType features they include. There are ligatures, for instance, as well as proportional and tabular lining and oldstyle figures, fractions, numbers placed inside circles, and even Roman numerals. Users can also substitute alternate versions of the “a”, “g”, “i”, “j”, “y”, “G”, and “Q” into their work.
Foundry Halbfett
Designers Deni Anggara
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