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Grato Classic is the humanist voice of the Geometric Suite. A timeless typeface with sharply cut terminals and apexes, it combines a pure, present voice with idiosyncrasy and luxury. Ignoring most calligraphic conventions, Grato is shaped by pure forms, low stroke modulation and square dots that contrast with almost perfect circles. Grato Classic takes that core and pursues the classical proportions and calligraphic detailing of early British geometric typefaces. The result is a typeface of quirks and clarity, a substantial family for identity and editorial work. OpenType features ensure Grato is adaptable. First stylistic set activates more legible letter variants, while the second stylistic set embraces a fundamentalist approach to geometry. Grato has what you need to organise data into information. Subscripts, fractions plus oldstyle and lining figures, each in proportional and tabular widths; a complete range of figure sets. Including Vietnamese, Grato supports more than 270 languages across the Greek, Cyrillic and Latin alphabets and its glyphs has been carefully reviewed by skilled consultants. For best on-screen performance, all TrueType files for web and desktop have been improved with manual hinting. ▶ The Classic is available in two optical sizes. If you need less geometry and more legibility, Gratimo Classic is fine-tuned for text and interface design.
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Designers Jakob Runge , Ilya Ruderman , Yury Ostromentsky , Irene Vlachou , Donny Truong , Christoph Koeberlin , Igino Marini
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