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Grato Marker is the handwritten expression of geometric idea. An authentic companion to Grato Classic and Grotesk, Grato Marker is a playful hybrid of geometry and informality: it lets vertical strokes tilt and its baseline bounce as it plays with letter sizing. Its handmade forms can feel charmingly wobbly, but they remain clear and legible, even in small sizes. Although it’s a great sidekick to any sober sans, Grato Marker is independent and follows its heart. The natural voice of the Geometric Suite, Grato Marker expands the collection’s scope with additional expression and personality. Combining serious, readable typography with honest expression, it is a powerhouse for children’s books, open-hearted packaging and casual brands. Like real markers, Grato Marker has a compact set of weights: four weights, from light to bold. Three stylistic sets fine-tune Grato Marker’s cheerful text image: one for a serifed ‘l’, another for a single-story a and unhooked ‘j’ and ‘t’, and a third set for a distinctive, two-story ‘g’. Although it has a casual attitude, Grato Marker is serious about supporting Latin, Greek and Cyrillic languages. Reviewed by skilled experts, it supports more than 270 languages including Vietnamese.
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Designers Teja Smrekar , Jakob Runge , Ilya Ruderman , Yury Ostromentsky , Irene Vlachou , Igino Marini
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