Grotzec Condensed 16 styles
Feliciano Type
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The Grotzec Family was originally designed for the Surf Portugal magazine while Feliciano was the magazine’s art director. The typeface is inspired by early European grotesques found in late 19th-century posters and advertisement ephemera. While the shapes follow the close models of the time, some formal aspects of Grotzec help the typeface stand out from a typical grotesque typeface. Details such as different curve speeds in the exterior and interior of the letter shapes give the typeface a subtle humanistic touch.

The Condensed family has eight different widths that range from Thin to Black with accompanying italics. Four additional stand-alone styles complete the family, X Condensed, Narrow, X Narrow, and Poster.

Foundry Feliciano Type
Designers Mário Feliciano
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