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Halyard’s personality is at once familiar and pleasingly distinctive. Halyard’s familiarity results from cherry-picked elements of classic designs of the 19th and early 20th centuries by Schelter+Giesecke, Miller and Richard, and Morris Fuller Benton. Distinctiveness is achieved by bringing an almost impetuous vigor to Halyard’s shapes and through a willingness to adapt surprising historical forms into genuinely useful ones, which is so characteristic of Darden Studio designs. Halyard radically extends the typographic utility of the now hyper ubiquitous category: the Grotesque Sans. Each of Halyard’s subfamilies were purpose built to perform optimally at its intended optical size. While starkly different in appearance, when seen together, the Halyard superfamily maintains a consistent personality at their intended size creating the impression of a single type design. The Halyard superfamily is beautifully robust and lively, ready to work at any size.
Foundry Darden Studio
Designers Joshua Darden , Eben Sorkin , Lucas Sharp
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