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High is defined by a set of simple ideas, or constraints. A non-geometric, humanist shape. A monoline weight. Stencilled, with a horizontal or vertical cut only, the stencil gap consistent ­— so positioned where that is possible. High’s letter shapes, which because of the stencilling are free of awkward connections at curve-to-vertical, have a fluidity and simplicity. By separating the letter elements, the stencilling makes the letters interesting, graphic shapes, making decorative words. High has two options — High Bar, which is a linear serif, and High Ball — which has a circle-serif, like a ball terminal. The circle of HighBall suggests Didone typefaces, High Bar more utility, modern, slab serifs. The ball terminal of High Ball gives a decorative effect — a series of floating, bouncing balls across words and text. The ball device is added top and bottom of the c, the g, j and y to ensure balance and rhythm across words and text. As with High Bar, the repeating pattern give a codified look.
Foundry Alias
Designers Gareth Hague
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