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The original Hobo was an art-nouveau influence design released in 1910. Over the years, this one-of-a-kind and often maligned typeface slowly degraded with each transition in type technology. In the 1980s, Hobo was one of the first typefaces digitized due mostly to its unique aesthetic and malleable voice. Unfortunately, the care taken in tracing the design left much to be desired, if only because type designers hadn't yet figured out how to best draw curves. Hobo was in desperate need of some attention, but unfortunately got installed on millions of desktop computer as it was. Hobeaux is a modern revival—an attempt to fix the mistakes, and maintain all the glory that made Hobo the powerhouse it was. Each character was redrawn and spaced from scratch. Additionally, descending letters have been provided as stylistic alternates for those seeking a more traditional construction. With five weights and several features for the designer seeking a high performance type family, Hobeaux is a ready and willing addition to any typographic palette.
Foundry OH no Type Co.
Designers James Edmondson
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