ID00 Serif 12 styles
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A legible Geralde inspired serif with a classic clear-cut and precise profile.The attitude is authentic and straightforward. The accurate look, due to the triangular endings and bracketed serifs, is mellowed by rounded drops on selected lowercase letters and numbers. The body text legibility is high due to the width of the letters, the supportive serifs and the narrowed bowl joins. The accompanying italics with more curves and a little flourish touch, has a soft and smooth flow. This is especially visible in the lowercase letters, that have a very soft expression that distinguishes the italic from the roman. ID00 is a family of four classes, all joined together by a square feel, a wide profile and a large x-height. ID00 was designed back in 2001 for Learning Lab Denmark, an independent research center for learning and an affiliate to the Danish University of Education. Through experimental and practical research and development activities, the center actively took part in the development of educational teaching plans in Denmark. With this in mind, the typeface family had to be suitable for a wide variety of needs – from academic reports to inspiring and playful learning material.
Foundry Playtype
Designers Jonas Hecksher
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