Idealista 12 styles
Suitcase Type Foundry
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Idealista directly responds to its other members, Nudista and Kulturista. It shares the same proportions and the same set of weights, yet it enriches the expression means of the two typefaces with new themes — the character set is smooth, even round, and it boasts a number of special details and perky moves. The text set in Idealista has a special voluptuous quality and unmistakable temperament — in a single typeface Idealista combines the best of sans-serif, slab-serif, as well as geometric and calligraphic construction principles, coming down to one impressive, expressive cocktail. Some letters have serifs, some do not, some are sharp, some are smooth, and all this results in the nice hip-hop beat of the line of text.
Foundry Suitcase Type Foundry
Designers Tomáš Brousil
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