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ION B is a display typeface based on the classic 7-segment display, designed with the needs of contemporary graphic design in mind. There are alternative characters, discretionary ligatures, slashed zero, superior & inferior numbers, fractions, ordinals and three handy stylistic sets. The ten styles of ION B are accompanied with a special 11th style called Cells, allowing you to design a special underlying layer of black or outlined cells. This way you can create various containers and boxes for your text, highlight what’s important or go wild and draw a space invader, using the cells as building blocks. ION B is a part of the ION superfamily, which consists of 3 families: condensed ION A, normal ION B and wide ION C, each with 10 weights. Styles Thin to Black have 436 glyphs supporting more than 70 Latin-based languages and the three heaviest weights, named U1, U2 and U3 have 94 basic glyphs.
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Designers Ondrej Jób
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