Italian Plate No2 20 styles
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Italian Plate Super Family is 341 weights and styles that extracts decades of Italian typeface design. The original No1 is based on a study of Italian number plates from the 60‘s, and inspired by the round and condensed profile and characteristic of that period. The elliptical upwards shape as basic design pattern, the equal stem width and straight terminals across styles is what defines the Italian Plate Super Family. No2 is based on the same grid as No1, but has acquired edge through the sharpening of its endings. The design is functional, structured and geometrical with a large x-height. The clear-cut profile strengthens the mechanical touch, giving it a tight and upright look. The strong design reference to the Italian car number plates is still present through the clear difference in the silhouettes, the open spaces that make it legible from a distance, and the condensed design created for the limited space on the plates. The complete super family goes from 1 to 7 and is a mix of various classes and widths – All in 10 weights with corresponding Italics and loaded with alternatives.
Foundry Playtype
Designers Jonas Hecksher
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