Jabana Extras 12 styles
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Complete €7/month Desktop & Web (excl. VAT)
Jabana Extras is a set of awesome specials to get a fast and easy design. It is developed for the font families Jabana and Jabana Alt, but also works with other fonts very well. Banners / Arrows / Ornaments / Catchy Words / Lines / Dividers / Web and App Icons and lots of Coffee Bar Icons … You’ll get crazy about it, because the Extras are combinable and flexibel in width. Just switch on the ligature feature (OpenType) and type from “a” to “z” or “A” to “Z”. Try it, learn it, love it! Banner: Combine for example “h” and “m”. Continue to type, it will get wider! Switch to uppercase it will get black! Type another letter, e.g. “g”, it changes … You will have 1000 of different Banners, or 2000 of varying Ornaments. The “Web and App Icons” are placed on the standard unicode encoding. The “Coffee Bar Icons” are placed on the private use area of the unicode list. Please download the specimen to get to know, how the Extras and Opentype-Features work.
Foundry TypeMates
Designers Nils Thomsen
More Info typemates.com

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