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Both Pieter van Rosmalen and Jurriaan Schrofer have a profound interest in geometrical, modular and multi-dimensional letter experiments. On this typeface they – figuratively – worked together: Jurriaan 3D is a new crossbreed based on a typeface designed by Schrofer in 1969 and the original version of van Rosmalen’s Capibara from 2002. It explores perspective and dimensionality in a supposedly flat medium through four design variants of compact, strictly angular letterforms. The Dark style throws a severe drop shadow, completely filling the space within and between characters. Ribbed breaks up the shade into five lined layers. The Shaded style is combining finely hatched and hard drop shadows to create different tonal values. Additionally, Fill invites you to experiment with layering and tone/colour even further by combining it with any of the other styles. Although clearly at home in large-size applications, Jurriaan 3D features proper fractions, alternates, ordinals, scientific inferiors or superscripts and comprehensive language support for refined micro typography.
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Designers Pieter van Rosmalen
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