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Available in three styles, Kakao was influenced by different hand-drawning tools and 1960s street typography. Vojtěch Říha was exploring the craft of hand lettering with pens, markers and brushes. Kakao Script was drawn with a pen marker and refers to casual writing style of its author. The solid marker was used to draw Kakao Cursive, which is less calligraphic and more letterspaced. Kakao Bold, drawn with a wide brush is the most expressive and dominant. The tools and drawing styles also influenced some of the letterforms, for example the lower case 'g'. Kakao Cursive and Kakao Black include two types of alternative lowercases that do not repeat when next to each other. Kakao Script has a variety of alternatives, swash lowercases and two types of uppercase letters.
Foundry Superior Type
Designers Vojtěch Říha
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