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Kontrast Grotesk represents a contrast in type design based on a different principle. It was inspired by W. A. Dwiggins and his experiments with the stroke variations. Contrast in this typeface is created not only with the influence of the writing tool (the thickness of horizontal strokes in relation to vertical), but by setting the primary and secondary construction strokes of the characters (e.g. glyph "E"). The grotesque types are usually with no or minimal contrast. Having the contrast has created a new and original look of this typeface without compromising the legibility. The fonts are designed for fluent reading on the screen. A little wider proportions are specially welcome with no need for saving a space as it is in printed media. Kontrast Grotesk family consists of five weights, with italics, small caps and italic small caps. Fonts contains a range of opentype features.
Foundry DizajnDesign
Designers Ján Filípek
More Info dizajndesign.sk

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