Le Monde Livre Std 6 styles
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Before the arrival of Phototypesetting, each font size had a specific design. Le Monde Livre, designed by Jean François Porchez, along with Le Monde Journal re-establishes this practice. When Le Monde Journal was developed specifically for use at small point sizes (below 10 points.) Le Monde Livre works beautifully for book typography, magazine settings. In comparison to the italics in Le Monde Journal, Le Monde Livre’s italics are of a totally new design, closer to the models of the Renaissance. The families match well together on the same page, Le Monde Journal for small sizes settings, Le Monde Livre for large settings. For more extravagant page settings, try Le Monde Livre Classic a special version featuring italic swashes, vignettes, etc.
Foundry Typofonderie
Designers Jean François Porchez
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