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When a typeface is called ‘Logical’ you’re quasi expecting strong underlying principles and repeating design elements. And that is quite the case in Edgar Walthert’s new sans-serif family. But he pairs these rules with affable, soothing details that make for an overall warm and approachable design. While the basic structure of the letterforms is oval and compact, there are circular patterns to discover. Terminals are tapered towards the end, many of them in soft curves, and apertures stay open. Walthert wanted Logical to be geared to web and screen design so he started out by drawing the letters on a 13 px grid for better rendering on standard resolution displays. Special underlined versions of the glyphs are available for links or other emphasis in interactive environments (Stylistic Set 19 and 20). All eight weights from Thin to Black are accompanied by real italics and an extensive set of pictograms and icons. These are accessible via smart OpenType features that automatically convert words into associated symbols (Stylistic Set 01–04 for Englisch, German, Dutch and French). Or simply type the right keyword inside two colons (markdown-style). The icons are also accessible via their unicode value. Use Logical for interactive designs, websites, user interfaces, signage or other text were readability is key. The slightly technical, DIN-like structure paired with a humanist feel will fit a wide range of applications.
Foundry Bold Monday
Designers Edgar Walthert
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