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Lurk A is a part of Lurk collection, developed in 2019 especially for Yury Dud’s YouTube channel. All styles of the font are not just Bold, Light, Extended, and Condensed styles we’re used to, but a wide range of tones: neutral, harsh, smooth, noisy, discreet, etc. Such a tool allows for telling different stories in the same single typographic language, and makes it possible to utilize very little additional graphics — all it takes is a typeface. The collection has two typefaces: Lurk A and Lurk B. Each typeface is equipped with its own specific set of tones, classified in an elementary, fact-based way: the author of Lurk A styles is Ilya Ruderman, while Lurk B was designed by Yury Ostromentsky. We want the emotional palette of the typeface to work at its full capacity, as it was designed to.
Foundry CSTM Fonts
Designers Ilya Ruderman , Yury Ostromentsky
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