Lyon Arabic Slanted Text 5 styles
Commercial Type
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Khajag Apelian and Wael Morcos designed Lyon Arabic Slanted to convey a different texture from Lyon Arabic Text. The Nastaliq script is used as a model for the Slanted, bringing fluidity and angle to the design. The result is an entirely redrawn companion that echoes the characteristics of Kai Bernau’s original Latin Italic while building on the long tradition of using calligraphic variants to bring multiple levels of hierarchy in written and printed manuscripts. Lyon Arabic Slanted has a variation in rhythm and angle as well as overall texture making it versatile and usable for content differentiation within one layout, as a stand alone style with its own flavor, or even for in-line emphasis.
Foundry Commercial Type
Designers Kai Bernau , Waël Morcos , Khajag Apelian
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