Macho Modular VF 2 styles
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Macho Modular is a sans serif of modular widths with a design debt to the Olivetti ‘Margherita’ system and the Linotype machine. Macho Modular was specially designed in 2008 for the MAN art museum in Sardinia (Museo d’Arte Provincia di Nuoro) as part of a design project that developed from Sabina Era’s discussions with Cristiana Collu, the Museum Director. Macho was used for the logo, for all textual communication and signage. The limited number of letter widths are mathematically related to each other and every letter has the same width in all weights. This means an interesting advantage in vertical alignments; but unlike monospaced fonts which are often chosen for this kind of composition, there is no distortion of letterforms. Moreover, Macho Modular offers a complete set of brackets, BOXES and underlinings.
Foundry CAST
Designers Luciano Perondi
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