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Malhar is a family of five informal script fonts. Each of the weights – which range from Light through Bold – look as if they have been written quickly, with broad brushes of different widths. Malhar’s letterforms are striking. The family offers designers a series of fonts capable of setting powerful messages. Thanks to their very large character sets, the Malhar fonts can lend texts set in them a feeling or irregularity and spontaneity, too, just as if a calligrapher or sign writer had written the same texts out by hand. The fonts contain a multitude of alternate glyphs, as well as the OpenType contextual features to substitute them in and out of texts to masterful effect. Malhar’s numerals are oldstyle figures, which harmonise particularly well with the fonts’ lowercase letters. The fonts’ ascenders are taller than the height of the capital letters. All of the letterforms are designed with a slant. Malhar is an excellent choice for use in editorial design, or for typesetting event-graphics. The fonts were developed by Manushi Parikh.
Foundry Indian Type Foundry
Designers Manushi Parikh
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