Marlide Display 6 styles
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Marlide Display is a flamboyant and vibrant typeface evocative of a transitional roman or Latin design with elegant roundly bracketed serifs and a considerable thick to thin contrast. The letter forms are condensed and embrace both, curves and pointed elements that create an interlocking rhythm with a lively texture. Marlide Display aims to exercise restraint by going all out on curves, yet attempting to control excessiveness and amplification. This type shines in large letter sizes with a suitable style range, figures for titling and text integrated in larger size type, unique arrow designs and a small set of charming ornaments for frames and repeat-patters. Most apt in display, integrated in applications such as logotypes, headlines and many more, to make any design stand out and to prominently convey messages for print and screen alike.
Foundry Kontour
Designers Sibylle Hagmann
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