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Mono-Spec is a monospaced family of sans-serif type. At least in default settings, all characters across the typeface share a common width. That fixed setting is condensed, and the aesthetic style of Mono-Spec’s letterforms is very industrial. A sister family, called Mono-Spec Stencil, is also available. Its design strays away from the mechanical nature of Mono-Spec, and it channels the spirit of resistance and street culture. Mono-Spec ships in two different formats. Depending on your preference, you can install the typeface as a single Variable Font or use the family’s five static OpenType font files instead. Those weights run from Light through Bold. While the static-format fonts offer a good intermediary-step selection, users who install the Variable Font have vastly greater control over their text’s stroke width. The Mono-Spec Variable Font’s weight axis allows users to differentiate between almost 1,000 possible font weights. That enables you to fine-tune your text’s exact appearance on-screen or in print. Whatever format you choose, the Mono-Spec fonts are equipped with several OpenType features. The most striking of these can be activated via a Stylistic Set. That will replace several letters – like “B”, “E”, “F”, “H”, and “I” with double-width alternates. Those alternates take up as much space as two characters placed next to each other otherwise word. The effect of Mono-Spec’s double-width alternates is striking, and their use strikes a strong chord in any display typography applying them.
Foundry Halbfett
Designers Deni Anggara
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