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Mono-Spec Stencil is a monospaced family of sans-serif type. At least in default settings, all characters across the typeface share a common width, which is immediately noticeable for its condensed nature. Mono-Spec Stencil is a sibling of a non-stencil family, simply named Mono-Spec. Characters in each are just as wide, allowing Mono-Spec Stencil to be used together with Mono-Spec, as a secondary typeface. As a typeface whose characters are stencil-shaped, this design channels the spirit of resistance and street culture. When you look at the family, remember that it ships in two different formats. Depending on your preference, you can install the typeface as a single Variable Font or use the family’s five static OpenType font files instead. Those weights run from Light through Bold. While the static-format fonts offer a good intermediary-step selection, users who install the Variable Font have vastly greater control over their text’s stroke width. The Mono-Spec Stencil Variable Font’s weight axis allows users to differentiate between almost 1,000 possible font weights. That enables you to fine-tune your text’s exact appearance on-screen or in print. Whatever format you choose, the Mono-Spec Stencil fonts are equipped with several OpenType features. The most striking of these can be activated via a Stylistic Set. That will replace several letters – like “B”, “E”, “F”, “H”, and “I” with double-width alternates. Those alternates take up as much space as two characters placed next to each other otherwise word. The effect of Mono-Spec Stencil’s double-width alternates is striking, and their use strikes a strong chord in any display typography applying them.
Foundry Halbfett
Designers Deni Anggara
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