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An Architectural Typeface inspired by Calligraphy and Sign-painting. The shape of the strokes and the typeface proportions were heavily influenced by two sources: broad nib calligraphy and speed stroke caps. There are different methods of interpreting the handwriting. In the case of Natri, instead of forcing a handmade look, it takes advantage of computer digitization. The natural stroke endings of brush lettering are replaced with strict mechanic-geometric look. In certain letter combinations, letters look like architectural objects – buildings viewed from above. The vector drawings were tested over and over with the brush until it was possible to letter them by hand, so it could be used as a lettering model as well. The possibility of having the computer font and being able to write it by hand gives the typeface new possibilities – these two modes can be combined in projects such as corporate identity programs. A range of widths was designed to give the typeface more flexibility when combined with sign painting and fit certain space conditions.
Foundry DizajnDesign
Designers Ján Filípek
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