Nitti Grotesk Condensed 19 styles
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Nitti Grotesk Condensed is the space-saving, emphatic companion to our popular Nitti Grotesk family. Designer Pieter van Rosmalen had always planned to draw a Condensed to his generously proportioned modern classic. Being frequently used in editorial and corporate design, the condensed variant now expands the utility of the Nitti Grotesk family for more impact in headlines and advertising, clearer navigation, or other display applications. While one of Nitti Grotesk’s characteristic features are its friendly, round forms and relatively wide proportions, Nitti Grotesk Condensed is a bit more squarish and boxy. Round shapes become oval and quite narrow which result in a more restrained feel. More urgent, more Breaking News. For even more accelerated urgency, the upright is accompanied by italic styles in the core weights Light to Black. But the weight count goes up to twelve with Hairline, Thin, ExtraLight, as well as Extra Black and Ultra (black) on the extremes. Use it large and bold as a display addition to Nitti, Nitti Grotesk, or just by itself or with other typefaces. Nitti Grotesk Condensed and its adaptive flavour pairs well with a large variety of fonts.
Foundry Bold Monday
Designers Pieter van Rosmalen
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