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Initially, the Ernesto typeface was designed as part of the corporate identity of the cultural space Ewerk Freiburg, located in southern Germany. Derived from the architecture, the typeface sets the link between visual communication and the site. However, the building was built around 1920 at this time sans serif typefaces made their appearance. Among others, the ‘Kabel’ by Rudolf Koch in 1927 and the ‘Futura’ by Paul Renner in 1927 were created in this period. These typefaces embody the spirit of the construction of the building. The geometrisation and construction were the most important themes of this time in all different art-related disciplines. For this reason, the Ernesto typeface was designed as a geometric sans serif. The typeface exists only in uppercase, in three weights including two stylistic alternates sets.
Foundry Nouvelle Noire
Designers Clovis Vallois
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