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Noah is available in two weights — Medium and Bold — and three versions; Text, which has a standard relationship between upper and lower case; Unicase, which has upper and lower case siting inside the same top and bottom letter height, ascenders and descended and accented characters included; Upper Lower, where the uppercase is a stretched, enlarged lower case. The same character shape exists in different forms, with lower case characters having two or three levels of stretch or shifts of position along the baseline. Noah references lettercutting, but taking the logic of carving with chisel or painting with brush. While the medium weight has a Berthold Wolpe Anglo/Germanic feel, the Bold weight has something of Tom Carnese’s Grouch. Grouch is a kind of remixed 1970s heavy weight of Caslon. Carnese is a master of expressive interpretations classic typefaces such as Caslon and Didot, and also a great hand letterer. So Noah is also an unplanned but heartfelt acknowledgement of my admiration for his — and Wolpe’s — work.
Foundry Alias
Designers Gareth Hague
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