Obviously 96 styles
OH no Type Co.
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As a lover of hand-painted signage, I have a dark side I rarely mention: I have a soft spot for vinyl too. I love to see Impact made extremely wide, and Antique Olive Nord squished to comical proportions. I love when the vinyl starts peeling up on the sides, and the corners are the only bits that manage to remain adhered to the substrate. I love the billboards for HEMPCON, TATTOOCON, and all the other CONS that advertise with black on an obnoxious shade of pink or neon green. With all those things in mind, I set out to make Obviously. There are 96 styles for all sorts of feelings. Use it for the nail salon, the laundromat, and the mechanic. Subtlety is for the birds. Let’s communicate OBVIOUSLY.
Foundry OH no Type Co.
Designers James Edmondson
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