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“What if Gill Kayo didn’t look so dumb?” Okay began as an attempt to reconsider the stupidity of Kayo. But it turns out Kayo’s goofy design is what makes it such a great typeface. Trying to normalize it was, ironically, a dumb idea itself. Like a design lobotomy. But here we are... Okay is an extra-bold, kinda-humanist display sans. Instead of the over-the-top slapstick look of Kayo, Okay has a dry, sarcastic wit. More Richard Ayoade than Benny Hill, if that makes any sense. Though it only comes in one weight, bold af, Okay has multiple widths and an alternate set of shorter extenders to make it a versatile little family good for setting punchy and warm headlines.
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Designers Jackson Cavanaugh
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