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Ottessa is a hybrid of euphoria and misinterpretation. Ottessa is a combination of vague memories, the smell of early spring and wanting it all. Ottessa is a melting pot combining all the sweets with a dash of savouriness for substance. Ottessa combines humanistic Dutch construction and ‘French’ apertures with a heavily modulated vibe. A large x-height—or maybe just tiny capitals—and compact proportions make this friendly chimaera an economical accomplice in changing up the typography landscape from cold purebreds into colourful crossbreeds. To cover necessary ground, Ottessa comprises five weights with accompanying Italics. Ottessa doesn’t believe in linear interpolation. While the low-contrast weights from Extralight to Bold maintain the same transition from straight stem to curve, the vicious Extrabold takes a high-contrast approach. But contrast is not the only thing that changes with weight: Extralight’s spiky triangular forms transform into stilted flats and, on top of that, psychosis in motion, vertical strokes take on the same thickness as the horizontals, giving the typeface an alluring emphasis on the horizontal without over pronounciation or caricature. Whether used for natural wine labels, dating apps, medicinal packaging and inserts, streaming platforms for independent movies, luxury skincare products or futuristic household items, Ottessa knows how to put your product into visual focus. With steeply angled polysemic Italics that take on a dynamic, humanistic approach with fast upstrokes and seemingly rotated rounds, and a wide range of weights, spectacular visuals will become second nature to you. With more than 860 glyphs per style, including native-approved Cyrillic, and a broad Latin character set, Ottessa speaks more than 270 languages. A plethora of OpenType features like multiple figure sets, case-sensitive punctuation, contextual alternates, stylistic alternates and a massive number of adjustable arrows and symbols—yes, even a snowflake!—don’t just spike up Ottessa’s glyph count: they enrich its typographic toolbox for every imaginable terrain.
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Designers Philipp Neumeyer
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