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Parisine, a design by Jean François Porchez was born as official parisian métro signage typeface. This family of typefaces has become over years one of the symbols of Paris the Johnston for the London Underground or the Helvetica for the New York Subway. The Parisine was created to accompany travelers in their daily use: ultra-readable, friendly, human while the context is a priori hostile. Meanwhile, Parisine is now a workhorse and economical sanserif font family, highly legible, who can be considered as a more human alternative to the industrial-mechanical Din typeface family. More human, but not fancy: No strange "swashy" f, or cursive v, w etc. on the italics, to keep certain expected regularity, important for information design, signages, and any subjects where legibility, sobriety came first. Born as signage typeface family, the various widths and weights permit a wider range of applications. In editorial projects, the Compress version will enhances your headlines, banners, allowing ultra large settings on pages. The Narrow version will be useful as direct compagnon mixed to standard width version when the space is limited. Parisine is organised in various widths and subsets, from the original family Parisine, Parisine Gris featuring lighter versions of the usual weights and italics, Parisine Clair featuring extra light styles, to Parisine Sombre with his darker and extremly black weights as we can seen in Frutiger Black or Antique Olive Nord. Many years of adjustments were necessary to refine this complex family.
Foundry Typofonderie
Designers Jean François Porchez
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