Passenger Serif 14 styles
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Passenger Serif is a Clarendon-style font family designed for use in long passages of text intended for immersive reading. It takes the idea of mid-nineteenth century English Clarendon types – like vertical axes of stress, lots of ball terminals, and chunky bracketed-serifs – and channels them into a face that is very legible in small sizes. It is comfortable to read, too. Passenger Serif is ready for use in editorial design, and for body text in novels and other books, too. The family includes seven weights, ranging in style from Extralight through Extrabold. Each weight has both an upright font and an italic on offer. The fonts’ default numerals are proportionally-spaced lining figures. Via the OpenType features, there are also oldstyle figures and tabular figures available, as well as a full range of numerators and denominators for typesetting fractions. The ascenders of the lowercase letters rise up above the tops of the capitals. In the upright fonts, the ‘a’ and the ‘g’ are double-storied. In the italics, they are single-storied. Each font includes 13 f-ligatures. Passenger Serif has a companion typeface available for larger-sized applications: Passenger Serif Display. Passenger Serif and Passenger Serif Display can be used together to powerful effect in magazine layouts, or in exhibition design graphics. The Passenger Serif families were designed by Diana Ovezea and Samo Ačko.
Foundry Indian Type Foundry
Designers Diana Ovezea , Samo Ačko
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