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Patufet Mono is a monospaced version that fits with a typewriter style. The design is based on Patufet, the main character of one of the most famous folktales of Catalan tradition. Patufet is usually represented as a very small child the size of a rice grain. Taking the character into account, Patufet type family shows itself as a very simple and humble Roman typeface. The family comes with a basic weighted strokes: Finet (UltraLight) is a touch of delicacy and elegance for titles and text big sizes. Prim (Light) is somehow respectable and humble while Mig (Regular) weight is quiet and unpretentious. A more rustic text appearance is provided with its Gras (Bold) weight in order to speak a bit louder and naive.
Foundry TypeRepublic
Designers Andreu Balius , Ricard Garcia
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