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Patufet is a type family intended to be useful and readable for children text purposes. The design is based on Patufet, the main character of one of the most famous folktales of Catalan tradition. Taking the character into account, Patufet type family shows itself as a very simple and humble Roman typeface. The family comes with a basic weighted strokes. Finet (UltraLight) is a touch of delicacy and elegance for titles and text big sizes. Prim (Light) is somehow respectable and humble while Mig (Regular) weight is quiet and unpretentious. A more rustic text appearance is provided with its Gras (Bold) weight in order to speak a bit louder and naive. Also, a collection of icons and emojis are included within the set of glyphs for your amusement.
Foundry TypeRepublic
Designers Andreu Balius , Ricard Garcia
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