Pensum Sans 18 styles
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Pensum Sans a poetic and precise soulmate within the Pensum Trilogy — a typeface with absolutely no serifs. No, not even one. As readable as Pensum Pro, with italics that are just as sexy, Pensum Sans is a powerhorse for text, text and nothing but text. With the same legible skeleton as the serif, Pensum Sans echoes and contrasts with its companions: steady rhythm, smooth and sharp shapes, unexpected detailing. With nine weights, thin to black with matched italics, Pensum Sans doesn’t kid about. The punchy black’s higher contrast to the fashionable thin weights ensures it tackles extended text, whether in magazines or news, with ease. Pensum Sans is robust in smaller sizes, where its ink-traps and that finely balanced contrast can work their magic — and those same details make it impressive in headlines or large italic quotes. With more than a thousand glyphs, lots of OpenType features and definitely no serifs at all, Pensum Sans can fulfil every typographic need. For lovers of book typography, the small caps are wider than the caps and you will find punctuation in case and small-cap sensitive variations. Pensum’s encoding is a TypeMates standard and gives a wide range of flexibility for Latin language support.
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Designers Nils Thomsen
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