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This type system pays tribute to the genius of Georges Perec, singular French author of the 2nd half of 20th century. The type family is formed of different subfamilies: Perec, a sensitive sanserif grotesque including fifteen fonts: roman, italic, and small caps in 5 weights. Perec Ludique, a series of relaxed, playful fonts, ideally to be combined with the Perec regular fonts. Perec Lunatique (to come soon) is a rounded sans full of unexpected ligatures. Perec is a versatile sanserif that can be used at a wide range of applications. As it has a more delicate spirit than that of a normal grotesque, it can be more appropriate at big bodies where elegance and flair are a priority. On the other hand its letterforms' endurance and counters openness make it very legible at small text. Its smooth color texture and its range of weights allow for a pleasant reading.
Foundry PampaType
Designers Alejandro Lo Celso
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