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Perec is a sensitive sanserif grotesque that includes romans and italics with corresponding small caps, all declined in six weights. Perec is a versatile family. It has a more delicate spirit than a normal grotesque, so it excels at big sizes where elegance and flair are a priority. On the other hand its strenght and counters’ openness make it also very legible at small sizes. Its smooth color texture and range of weights allow for a pleasant reading experience. Perec has various alternate glyphs and is equipped with all the useful OpenType features to please the demanding typographer. In 2023 Perec includes Latin extended set, and there is a Perec PanEuro version (full Cyrillic & Polytonic Greek) available from PampaType. This typeface pays tribute to the genius of French author Georges Perec (1936-1982), one of the most singular writers of the 20th century. Being an ongoing super family project, Perec includes other styles: Perec Ludique is the playful series ideal for more creative text compositions; other styles such as Perec Scripte and Perec Lunatique are under development. Read more about the design of Perec.
Foundry PampaType
Designers Alejandro Lo Celso
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