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Picket is a family of very narrow sans serif fonts designed for use in display typography. They feature an enormous x-height; the lowercase letters are almost as tall as fonts’ capitals. In each of the family’s six weights, the letterforms are drawn with monolinear strokes. These decisions, combined with the general compressedness of the typeface, create a strong vertical-stroke rhythm. Indeed, this verticality and its repetition is underscored by the family’s name: Picket (as in a ‘picket fence’). Picket’s uppercase letters are quite top-heavy; the upper halves of ‘B’, ‘E’, ‘F’, ‘H’, ‘K’, ‘M’, ‘P’, ’R’, ‘X’, and ‘&’ appear significantly larger than normal. This element is present in the numerals, too – especially in the ‘3’, ‘5’, ‘8’, and ‘9’. The lowercase ‘a’ is double-storey, while the ‘g’ is single-storey. The right-hand side of the ‘g’ also has a short flag-like ascender. Each of the fonts contain an alternate ‘j’, which can be automatically substituted into text via the Contextual Alternates feature whenever it is needed to prevent a collision with the glyph coming before it. Picket should be used in very large sizes, because of its narrow width. The typeface is an excellent selection for use in branding, corporate identity design, as well as in editorial and packaging design. Picket is the work of Inga Plönnigs, an independent type designer in Berlin and a graduate of the Type & Media program at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague.
Foundry Indian Type Foundry
Designers Inga Plönnigs
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