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Poligon is a large family of geometric sans serif fonts. It is inspired by classic typefaces from the geometric-sans genre, like Futura and Avant Garde Gothic, whose shapes were constructed from circles and straight lines. Every character has been crafted to give it a distinct and individual feel. The family is an excellent choice for both corporate design and editorial design projects because of its range of weights, as well as its legibility in text. The typeface family ships in two different formats. Depending on your preference, you can install the typeface as two Variable Fonts or use the family’s eight static OpenType font files instead. Those weights run from Thin to Black. While the static-format fonts offer a good intermediary-step selection, users who install the Variable Fonts have vastly greater control over the stroke width in their upright and italic texts. The weight axes in Poligon’s Variable Fonts allow users to differentiate between almost 1,000 possible font weights. That enables you to fine-tune your text’s exact appearance on-screen or in print. But even the static fonts satisfy the need for flexibility, creating harmonious variations of texture and emphasis. Despite their rigid geometry, the fonts have a playful air to them. That playfulness and uniqueness can be dialed up by applying stylistic alternates via the fonts’ four Stylistic Sets. The first of these replaces “G”, “M”, and “&” with alternate, more outgoing shapes. Stylistic Set 2 has an alternate “ß”; Stylistic Set 3 has a “Q” with a longer tail and another “G”. Stylistic Set 3 has alternates for “A”, “K“, “Q”, “R”, “S”, “Y”, and “Z”.
Foundry Halbfett
Designers Deni Anggara
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