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Brutalism is a divisive art form and bringing it to font design is always a challenge. However, Pramen is certainly not about anti-design or intentional ugliness. Vojtěch Říha was influenced by a 1970s hotel Thermal with a signage system by designer Jiří Rathouský. Pramen features a visual tensions between rounded exterior and sharp interior of letterforms. Almost every intersection features a massive ink trap.Those two main principles give the font almost sculptural effect in heavier weights.The font also includes a set of alternative characters for lowercase and uppercase. With six weights from ‘light’ to ‘black’, Pramen is firm and honest in the same way as many concrete icons. It is a universal display typeface for signage, magazines and logotypes. Pramen is also available as Pramen Sans.
Foundry Superior Type
Designers Vojtěch Říha
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