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Preto Semi is an experiment. It is an attempt to create a readable type for text point sizes (other than sans-serif and serif). Preto Semi is not a Sans with added serifs or Serif with serifs removed. The use of the serifs is redefined and used for other purpose(s). The serifs became the extension of the stroke. They help to solve the spacing problem of sans-serif types and they use the primary function of serifs – keeping the eye on the baseline and emphasize the horizontal rhythm of the lines of text. Preto Semi is intended for magazines and editorial design, as other members of Preto family. Preto Family Preto is an extensive type family, which explores the function of serifs on readability and legibility. Preto consist of three subfamilies: Sans, Semi and Serif, which are designed for multilingual typesetting. All of the subfamilies have equal grey value in text sizes but different texture which can be use to differentiate languages. Preto subfamilies have two text weights and two bold styles (Regular > Bold, Medium > Black). Every weight has a companion Italic style which have big counter shapes and are ideal for setting the larger amount of text.
Foundry DizajnDesign
Designers Ján Filípek
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