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You may recall a charming bold and round display sans called Pinup by Pieter van Rosmalen among the first batch of Bold Monday releases. Informal and of friendly nature, but consisting of one style only. More than 10 years later it grew into two comprehensive type series – one very practical and still fun, one very fun and still quite practical: Puffin and Puffin Arcade. The extended “normal” family consists of Puffin, Puffin Display and Puffin Display Soft, each available in seven weights plus italics. Plain Puffin is the most tamed member. A versatile humanist sans with generous spacing and pronouncedly oblique italics (15°) that is well-suited for on-screen reading and user interface design. Capital I, lowercase l and the numeral 1 have unique forms so they are not easily confused. Puffin Display and Puffin Display Soft, in comparison, are more flavourful: distinctly curved letterforms, especially in the swinging true italics, or rounded terminals in Puffin Display Soft make you feel right at home and on first-name-terms with it. The Display styles have a taller x-height and slightly tighter spacing that fit all kinds of personable applications in medium to large font sizes. And for an extra dose of playfulness – be it in posters or video games – combine them with Puffin Arcade.
Foundry Bold Monday
Designers Pieter van Rosmalen
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