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Quinn is a typeface family for editorial design and publishing of all kinds. With its reliable and resolute constitution it lends itself especially well for less literary work such as textbooks, non-fiction, or catalogs, while having enough flavor to stand out and be suitable for branding and advertising. The overall theme of Quinn takes cues from realist (transitional) serif faces such as those of Johann Fleischmann, but it sharply stands in the modern age, featuring high stroke contrast and vertical emphasis without being as rigid and stiff as a Didone. The Quinn series consists of two sub-families: Quinn Text in 10 styles for sizes between 6–24 points, and Quinn Display in 14 styles for use above 24 points. This ample repertory facilitates complex typographic hierarchies and elaborate, varied layouts. To enable tight and impactful settings, type designer Diana Ovezea opted to give the Display styles slightly shorter ascenders and descenders than the Text styles. Top serifs of the lower case align with the x-height, contributing to stability and strong horizontal guidance. Pronounced ink-traps and curve adjustments let text stay clear in small sizes. A rich set of OpenType features and symbols — small caps, several sets of numerals and ligatures, bullets, arrows and boxes — round out the extensive character-set that should delight any publication designer.
Foundry Bold Monday
Designers Diana Ovezea
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