Razom Script 3 styles
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Razom Script is a typeface with calligraphy roots. But digital fonts go beyond analogue calligraphy and handwriting and exceed their limits. The fusion of printed and writen letterforms is visible when comparing uppercase and lowercase. The connections of letters and super-family (from thin-condensed to black-extended) is pushing the limits of script typeface and changing its use (as traditional family grows in weights only, not proportions). Having more fonts (weights) in one script family is usually rather rare. There is big difference in the font appearence: Thin-condensed is decent and beautiful and as the fonts go into darker fonts, they are more and more deformed. Counters of letters are also rotated from vertical to horizontal.
Foundry DizajnDesign
Designers Ján Filípek
More Info dizajndesign.sk

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